Genesis Equilibrium fork options?

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by Valy

Hope for some input about options for a new fork for Genesis Equilibrium.

1.1/8 steerer.

The concern lies in different rake and crown height values. The crown is quite high on the stock fork due to it being a winter frameset, intended to take mudguards. The chain stays are 420mm.

Besides dropping some weight, the other criteria is to speed up the handling of the bike. Although it is very stable, I want a bit more liveliness.


What would I expect in terms of handling with following changes:

1) Rake from 50mm to 45mm.
2) Axle to crown reduction a few mm (can't find the specs for Equilibrium fork now, but there is around 11-13mm difference iirc)
3) Has anyone done similar things - ie installing a "summer" fork on a winter frame?

For info, considering Colombus Minimal. Image

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by bm0p700f

Dont shorten the rake. The point of the equilibrium is its stable handling which is due to the long wheel base. It's not a crit bike so sont try to make it like one as it never will be. If you want sharper handling buy a bike with sharper handling.

by Weenie

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