WW Saddles for a Selle Anatomica Rider?

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by thelorax121

Looking to save a bit of weight on my climbing bike without completely sacrificing my hindparts.

All of my bikes are set up with Selle Anatomica saddles which I find extremely comfortable with the cutout and hammock effect. However, they are pretty heavy at ~400g and for this build, I'd like to get that down quite a bit. Does anyone have experience with saddles that have a similar fit or feel in the 100-150g range? Selle does make a carbon model, but that still clocks in at 190g and is way out of my budget at $320

Thanks in advance

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

You could try a Selle SMP Full Carbon. It weighs around 105-110g. As an unpadded carbon shelled saddle, it’s extremely unforgiving, but it has the hammock/cradle profile and a cutout. I use the lightly padded version of this saddle called the Blaster.

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by dim

Berk Lupina saddle (it's on my wishlist) ... wighs 95 grams and many people say it's very comfortable for long distance:

https://www.sigmasports.com/item/Berk-C ... Rails/F8MR

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by AJS914

Neither of those saddles will be even close to a Selle Anatomica. Lorax, I think you might find yourself stuck unless your bottom can tolerate a harder saddle.

I am also currently riding a Selle Anatomica. This spring I burst a blood vessel near my sit bone which caused a lot of pain and tenderness. The Selle Anatomica was the only saddle that allowed me to get back on the back within a couple of weeks and still ride 10+ hours a week.

The Anatomica is kind of unique in the way you sit. It's like a hammock for your butt. Both sides can move independently. For me this has been an additional benefit because I have a bit of pelvis assymetry. I never feel like I sit squarely on a hard saddle but I don't notice it at all on the Selle.

I'm fully healed now and honestly I'm not sure what to do. I tried 5 or 6 saddles before settling on the Selle. And the Selle is not what I'd call perfect, aside from weight. I did pick up Selle's carbon saddle on ebay cheap. It's ok but is still harder than the leather. I tried SQ Labs. I love the concept but the one I got was as hard as a rock and not wide enough. I'm going to try their better padded mtb saddle next on my gravel bike. Still, the way you sit on an SQ Labs is kind of weird. I tried a Brooks Cambrium (not carved). It was ok but gave me some sit bone pain while injured. I wouldn't mind trying the carved version. Previously I was riding Prologo which I used to think were awesome and I had a Specialized Toupee on my gravel bike. I like it but it's a relatively hard saddle.

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by Wookski

You’ll find Berk makes the most flexible carbon saddles available. They are extremely springy and significantly reduce shocks. The only downside is they are fragile so if you’re a bigger guy (over 70kg) or ride on shitty roads Berk may be problematic.

I don’t think you’ll find a carbon equivalent of the anatomica- unless you get the carbon anatomica.

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by coresare

I'm not sure what an unpadded Berk feels like, but I have a padded Berk Dila and the padding is quite minimal. It doesn't feel hard at all. Quite the opposite.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Try a bontrager paradigm xxx 150gr. My heavy 100kg friend has fallen in love with them. He rides for 10 hours straight on them if needed. I've bought three for him already (several bikes).

But every behind is different of course. The heavier you are the more pressure that area will suffer. It helps to be a strong rider too as the power is directed downward on the pedals lowering the seat pressure.

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