Mystery wheel rub

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by Alexandrumarian

Campy don't have any plastic screecher and the peak of the guide ear is quite far from the rim, also not matching with the decal smear line. Assuming one would ride with no pads at all, they might still not touch the rim. And anyway, I never worn pads to the limit. I put them aside at about 50% life. Also the smooth wear excludes any rough contact such as metal, stones, pothole, sand whatever. The actual rims are not affected. Just the black anodization on alu. The epoxy on the carbon is not affected, only the decals and stickers.

Anyway, this Sunday I might go for a ride with over 2000m difference. I will paint a few witness marks with nailpolish below the braketrack and see how it goes.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Whatever contacted the rim should have marks on itself. Are there markings on that part of the padholder?

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