shoe problems considering sworks 6

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by simoncx

I'll start that I have werid feet that are hard to fit, narrow heel and midfoot, high arch, med forefoot and very low volume which usually max out boas or laces. I've been riding empires and older r315 and xc90 which were ok after footbeds mods, recently I tried sidi wire mtb and road both had too much volume even with custom insoles and now switched to rc901's. Currently the xc901 and rc901 are somewhat working but they feel almost too soft and loose even with the boas almost maxed. From what I've been reading sworks 6 are suppose to be alittle less volume then shimano but am not sure if 44.5 or 45 would be about the length of shimano 45? Anyone used both and how do they compare, I'm really starting to get sick of buying shoes and putting them on ebay 2 weeks later, I anyone can help it would be very appreciated.

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by Mr.Gib

Based on what you are describing the SWorks is worth a try. Also get the supplemental green footbeds, or at least the blue ones. The shoe is lower volume than just about anything else except for the toe area which is very generous. Be advised the 6's have a very rigid upper particularly in the heel and mid-foot. Feels like hockey skates. Great if they fit but not for everyone. If needed, you can add an additional flat insole under the anatomic footbed to take up excess volume. SWorks 7 has a softer wider heel area and an even more generous toe box. Still a low volume shoe, just not as extreme as the 6's.
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by Weenie

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by alexmcm09

I've got similar feet by the sounds of it, and couldn't get on with the S Works 7 when I tried them on. Too narrow in the middle part for my foot. Have you looked at Lake shoes? I've solved my issues with a pair of Lake CX 332. Heat mouldable heel cups, wide in the middle but low volume in the front. I pair them with a set of blue Specialized footbeds.

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by mattr

Try Luck shoes.

Mate of mine with serious biomechanical/foot issues went with them for some road shoes, so pleased he dropped another few hundred euros on another pair of mtb shoes.

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by simoncx

Sounds like the sworks 6 might work and the rigid heel and midfoot dont bother me, I actually prefer it because of a crash years ago that has left my right ankle in bad shape. Any idea if sworks 44.5 would be around a 45 in shimano, from the length measurements both are 286mm?

I tried lake shoes but that didnt go well, I had 2 pairs of the 331 cx shoes but one pair the sole came apart after 2 hrs and the other had problems with the boa sewing. Both were exchanged for the 237 but those were way too much volume and had alot of heel lift, both ended up going on ebay. I ended up buying the 241's and they had about the same volume as the 237's and went on ebay within a week also. The fit of the 331 was pretty good and if the issues were solved on the 332 I would probably give them a try again.

I've heard and seen Luck shoes every now and then but never looked into them.

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by AJS914

Note that Specialized shoes have a built-in 1.5mm of varus wedge. That doesn't work well for me - bows my knees out. I had to install valgus cleat wedges to get my knees to track straight. I wish I had realized this detail before I spent a year figuring this out.

by Weenie

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