S-Works Power Cranks dual sided.

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by kjetilEng


I just bought an S-Works Power Cranks dual sided 172,5 mm 110 bcd on Ebay and need chainrings.
Spezialized says "Chainrings are sold separately. Use only with Specialized/Praxis chainrings 06217-1702 (52/36T) and 06218-1713 (50/34T)".

I want to try some Extralite Octaramp RC2 chainrings, and can`t understand why they wouldn`t fit? Is it just their way of trying to fool me in to bying their own stuff, or is the spider any different from other 5 bolts?

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by jfranci3

A quick look of the part number shows the rings are cut out a bit for the drive side battery door and electronics.

http://src.media.cyclingnews.com/2018/0 ... czusja.jpg

by Weenie

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by colagreek

They fit, just be prepared for your shifting to suffer.

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by gurk700

~2000 miles and counting! Shifts perfect for me :noidea:
EDIT: As far as stiffness goes, sure? maybe? I don't feel a difference. I'm not the strongest dude out there. I top out at ~1120 watt for 5 seconds for sprints. Had 0 issues.
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by tonytourist

The pod on the drive side can interfere with some chain rings. I am running the Carbon Ti CarboRings and had to get out the Dremel and make mine fit.

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by moyboy

Yup! I would stick with the Praxis chainrings, best balance of stiffness and weight.
colagreek wrote:
Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:45 pm
They fit, just be prepared for your shifting to suffer.

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by kjetilEng

Thanks for the info!
I think I made a mistake, forgot to think about bottom bracket standards. The S-works cranks are for OSBB/pf30/bb30, but my BMC teammachine 01 disc had PF86!!Is it possible to convert this in any way?The reason I wanted the S-works crank over the Dura Ace, was the 50grams weight savings, but if I have to use some heavy bottom bracket adapter to make it fit, I should just sell it and bye a Dura Ace power meter!?

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by eric01

Nope sorry. Can’t make bb30 fit in pf86. The spindle is too short.
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by Weenie

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