Mavic Cosmic Ultimate SL Shoes or other light weight climbing shoes?

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by rlanger

kgt wrote:
Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:59 am
@ rlanger
And post a review after you ride them.
Ok, so I did about 45k yesterday with around 500m of climbing and my first impressions are that these are going to amazing shoes for the type of riding I do.

In a size 43, the shoes came in at 195g each, so I save over 100g from my previous shoe, the S-Works 5.

They are also much roomier than the S-Works. Very generous toe box, but the heelcup is stiff and narrow so there is no slippage.

The insole feels very supportive for my average-arched feet. I was using a yellow Body Geometry insole in the S-Works, but I don't think that I'll need to move them to the Lakes.

If you're a sprinter, I don't think these would be the best shoes for you since the single Boa system makes it a little difficult to lock down the forefoot. But I don't race and don't do much sprinting, except for when I'm doing some intervals, so these will be fine for me.

Looking forward to seeing how these feel after 120+k ride.

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by GrumpyOldPizza

Kind of late, but ...

Got them mid 2019. I usually ride Mavic's in size 10. They are feeling a tad big for me, width wise, not length wise so much. Since I ordered them online, I never got the chance to crosscheck a size 9.5.

Have a pair of white ones, which are of course are a PITA to keep clean. Baby wipes are a life saver there.

Yes, they are ultra light, but the most noticable difference is the lower stack, i.e. you are way closer to the pedal axle than with other shoes (say SIDI, Giro). Going forth and back between the Ultimate SL and the Elite Vision (perfect winter shoe IMHO), that is the most noticale thing.

My feet are a tad odd it seems. Always had problems with the right fit and pressure points (same with Ski Boots). The single BOA system is a rather pleasant surprise. No pressure points, no constant readjustment, just seems to work. I would not think that those a shoes for sprinting, but more for long climbing days (which is why I got them to begin with).

They are supposed to be warm weather, summer shoes, but IMHO they are so insanely good that I ride them down to 50F and just live with cold toes (unless it's wet outside, in which case the white shoe syndrome strikes).

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