My SL5 Tarmac vs New Cervelo S5

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by markdjr

halcyongolf wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:47 pm
I don't know how you're going to get the geo of the S5 to work for you. As I understand it, the stack of your SL5 size 58 has your stack at 591mm and your reach at 402mm. You seem to be running 20mm of spacers with a headset cap of around 10mm and a +6 degree stem.

The largest S5 is the 58 which has a stack of 588 and a reach of 402. However, you're limited to 32.5 mm of spacers with a stem that is fixed at a -6 equivalent angle (based on the Cervelo tech paper, I am probably wrong :D ). Add the fact that you're going to be more limited in how much your can rotate your bars up (as you have them in your current bike). If you're not too sensitive to the fit being off a decent chunk it seems OK....but it might not be for you.

Looking at you're bike and the size, I would venture a guess you may be tall with long legs and a relatively short torso. That's a tough fit esp. for the integrated design of the S5 when the largest size is a 58.
While this was obviously a subjective question, I appreciate this thoughtful response very much.

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by dim

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by Lewn777

I'm just an average idiot who's opinions people like to tear to shreds as entertainment, but here are my honest thoughts. :wink:

I think your bike isn't extreme as it looks, cell phone cameras exaggerate things but...

-There is a lot of seat post showing, and the long stem isn't insanely long but the way it's flipped up raises questions. Maybe have a bike fit or go back to basics on the bikefit and start again, even if you do it yourself. It seems like maybe your frame is too small but you don't have the flexibility to deal with it. If you have good/reasonable flexibility try gradually lowering the stem, getting rid of the spacers and running it lower.
-If you aren't caused pain or discomfort by your position, try working on your flexibility, maybe start doing some yoga or pilates etc. I think I would start with a 100mm -17 or -6 degree stem with 3cm of spacers, take that as a benchmark neutral position and work from there.
-A SL5 is a great bike, if you can get it to fit you better that would be awesome, you don't need anything else. I think a bike should be replaced because it's too damaged or old and worn to be considered safe and then retired. Unless this bike really doesn't fit you then you can recycle it for your indoor trainer or communting etc.
-Aero bikes are mostly marketing, most of the aero gains come from your riding postion and clothing. Your riding postion doesn't look very aero, so I would say working on your riding position on your current bike is a priority. As you'll be wasting money buying an aero bike at this stage.

My opinion may not be totally correct, but I'm not trying to mock you, just being 100% honest and constructive. :thumbup:

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by robeambro

markdjr wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:38 am
I need the internets help to make what feels like a tough decision. I have an SL5 Tarmac that I have put a lot of time and effort into customizing and lightening up where I felt like I could. It is a 58cm SWorks with Dura Ace di2, Enve 3.6 wheels, CK Ceramic hubs, eebrakes, I just had the rear wheel replaced under warranty and rebuilt with Berd spokes. It is right about 6.95kg.

All that being said, it was love at first sight for me and the new S5 and today I was presented with an opportunity to get a very good buy on one, but I'd need to get rid of my Tarmac to make it happen. Looking forward to anyones thoughts.
If you have the irresistible urge to change your bike you should do so, but as others pointed out, the S5 may be a bit too extreme and not fit you. If you trust your current fit and know you can't/shouldn't go lower, then I think you may want to look at other aero bikes with a better geometry. The Colnago Concept comes to mind, the gray one would also match your car :smartass:

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by leandrofresh

Hi. If you want a cervelo, get the R3 in 58size and you will get a slammed stem.

The geometry will work a lot better for you. 605 stack 395 reach. And it's a racing bike.

I am a bike fitter and I would say that the tarmac is one size smaller than needed.

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by IchDien

the new S3 also has a taller headtube.

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