Rotor Aldhu vs 3d+ with Power2max

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by Hexsense

I have a plan to buy Power2max power meter (4 holes version specifically to use Shimano chainrings, but that is irrelevant to the question).
Apperantly, Rotor Aldhu in 110-4S weight 610g and cost 790,00 €
Rotor 3d+ 110-4S weight 590g and cost 690,00 €. Which seems to be a better deal.

There are also some minor difference in chain line (43.5mm vs 45mm) and q-factor (148mm vs 149mm).
Can anyone tell me what would be the reason to pick Aldhu over 3d+ ?

A lighter option than both would be FSA K-force Light crank arms, but from my past experience, i don't fully trust FSA's quality...

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by WorkonSunday

one main advantage of Aldhu is to be able to adjust the OCP for their oval rings. i dont think going down the P2M route allows you to do that. (i went down the aldhu non-power crank + P2M NGeco route).
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by Weenie

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by 1415chris

Rotor oval 4 bolt chainrings alow you to mount them in 4 different positions (4 OCP).

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by Hexsense

What spindle to use on road disc brake bike (with power2max 4 bolt version and Shimano rings) ?
There is a standard spindle: chainline=43.5mm q-factor=147mm
offset spindle: chainline=46mm q-factor=152mm.

While Rotor suggest offset spindle for disc brake road bike, original Shimano crank use 43.5mm chainline and it work for both rim and disc brake.
Should i try to match Shimano spec or Follow Rotor's suggestion of pushing chainrings 2.5mm further out for disc brake bike?

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by jfranci3

If you're going BB30 for road and you can get ahold of the spider tool, it might be a good idea to get a used 3d+ Crank, as P2M charges $200 and is out of many sizes.

I'd do the Aldu for a Gravel bike (direct mount rings) or if you're going to between BB30/BB86 as you can change spindles.

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