ProBikeKit delivery delay, what are my options?

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by dricked

I stopped using PBK when items took 3-4 weeks to show up.

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by Orbital

As mentioned in other PBK topics, I only use them if the item I’m buying is an incredible deal.

by Weenie

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by flying

Once a PBK order goes missing forget it.

They will not help...Instead they say as they did give it 2 more weeks etc etc

Then when that time arrives they will say ok as soon as merchandise gets returned they will refund etc

I had one incident with them & it went round & round with "Neil" at PBK cust service
I told them from day one the forwarder they used TrakPak changed the address but no they would not even check

I always pay by credit card so it was no problem to go online & tell credit card items never received

In less than two days my credit card takes the money back (reverses the charges)

I have actually had the same problem with Merlin once...Same problem actually shipper TrakPak made teh error & changes address
The only UK>USA company I have never had any problems with is Chain Reaction because they use Royal Mail then hand off to USPS

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by Js2

Yep same experience with PBK, takes forever to show up. Sometimes it is slightly faster but most times when tracking is empty they just ask you to keep waiting for another week or so...

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by fattywilliams

Last couple things I've bought from pbk too bloody ages aswell mate

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by asiantrick

Took 3 weeks for me to receive a pair of tires from PBK. I would not buy from them unless it's a great deal and I don't need itright away. Sigmasports is the BEST at customer services and fastest delivery to the US.

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by bikeboy1tr

PBK is always slow and it usually takes them 4 weeks to get parcels to Ontario, Canada. Last item I got in less than 3 weeks and I could hardly believe it got to me that quick from them. I order from them frequently but also in no big rush to get items and I always use regular post as its not worth the extra money when you know it wont show up any sooner.
I found Ribble, CRC and Wiggle are quicker to get items out the door and to your address. Lately I have been using CRC as they have more shipping options just in case I need something within a couple weeks. Most everything I purchase is onsale.
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by ParisCarbon

The thing with PBK and bike24 as well is that although your item says it has "shipped" it really hasn't...
Its tossed in a bin at the outgoing postal facility with a scan thats says its "Left the destination country"
Just from doing a few bike24 orders this year, Ive come to the conclusion that dhlpost ships parcels to Canada 2X per month, seems to be mid month, and the last weekend of the month, so if you order something at the beginning of the "toss it in the bin" process you're waiting 2 weeks plus a day for transport, plus customs, plus delivery to you, so 3-4 weeks depending on where you are..
The 2nd last order I did from bike24 sat in DHLpost Germany for 14 days with a "Left country" tag on it.. my box happened to be slammed with the Air Canada flight tracking on it which proved my point that it sat for 2 weeks.. I had all the AC flights on my box all the way to Canada... the last package I ordered sat for a week, I timed it better and got on the last monthly shipment to Canada and had the stuff in 10 days...

If you want stuff "fast" the postal way is not the way to go... if I want it fast I just suck it up and pay the UPS/Fedex shipping fees... Paying $25 from Merlin cycles got my my Bora WTO wheels to Canada in my hands in 3 days, versus free.. well who knows what route they would have taken!!

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by silvalis

These "shipped" updates are really just "consignment number allocated" or "shipping manifest received" (same thing)
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by Lewn777

It's not just PBK. It's most of these online companies. They have to give you free or cheap postage to suck you in, as a result they are always fighting to cut postal costs because it's actually a very high amount in their fixed costs. Some even lie and say something is in stock when it isn't and delay your order even longer.

So now I still order online, but I never order internationally especially outside of the country that I'm resident. Sometimes you need to pay border taxes, things get caught up in docks or some other place until you pay. Things end up in warehouses and not released for dispatch until you tell them your ID card number that matches the name on the package, but you don't have an ID card number because you're not a citizen of that country in which you're a resident so you can't fill in an online form in another language even if you knew how. Something is liquid or sharp edged or made by Shimano so they won't send it etc etc. It's a minefield that seems to keep getting worse.

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by WorkonSunday

my very first order from them went missing, then they send me a replacement fairly quickly.

i did have to cancel a couple of orders because they were sent out too late. i think like Merlin and other bit online retailer, they dotn actually stock the product themselves but forward the order through to distributor and send from there to the customers.
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by schlafen

It's called 'drop shipping'. The stock is available with the supplier, not with the retailer. It gets ordered as needed.

Unless specifically advertised that the company is a 'stockist', only then stock IS available.
It is very common now online.
It cuts down on costs for the retailer and supplier.

The delays may be caused by the supplier as well, which needs to get stock in from the factory or wherever.

Add to that the actual shipping times and you'll receive the item in 4 weeks internationally.

As mentioned above, people who think there is 24/48 hrs international shipping are delirious. There's no such thing, 3 days worldwide is the fastest available through DHL. Again actual delivey times, not advertised delivery time.
Which is pretty good by any standard.
But it's not cheap.

I work in online sales btw.

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by hannawald

It may work, i did it twice in the past and yesterday as well. Ordered from wiggle (UK), yesterday 17:00 sent by them and today noon delivered in the Czech Rep via DHL express, cost me about 10 GBP.
Now i will wait 2 weeks and then hopefully i get refund from PBK or my credit card company..

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by schlafen

That's a solid account with DHL if they can pull that off, props to Wiggle for that
Perks of being a big player I guess.

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by Weenie

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by mattr

you checked the whole tracking chain?
Wiggle/chainreaction are also in the same group as, they might have actually shipped from there.

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