11 speed cassette on 10 speed drivetrain??

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by maxice


Maybe a stupid question but can you can an 11 speed cassette on a 10 speed drivetrain? Thought it maybe possible with adjusting the limits so either the top or bottom gear doesnt get used (effectively meaning its still 10 speed)

I have a 10 speed bike that I want to upgrade slowly to 11 speed. Just purchased new wheels so thought it would be best to put an 11 speed cassette on now

Will I also need an 11 speed chain?


by Weenie

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by Valy

You could but I'd bet at least one of the extremes would not shift properly due to accumulation of error from different cable pull distance.

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by alcatraz

It won't work because the cog spacing/thickness is different between the two. Tiagra 4700 (exception).

The right shifter + rear derailleur + cassette + chain need to be compatible.

If you're running sram, 10 and 11 speed derailleurs are cross compatible.

All my bikes are running 10 speed. I found it's a good way to use premium components. You can indulge yourself to duraace/red/superrecord perhaps.

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by kman

Won't work. 11s isn't just an extra cog thrown on the end, the spacing is narrower. You'll get a few gears working in a row, the rest will be noisy or completely out of whack.

You really need to change shifters/derailleurs/cassette/chain all at once. Unless using SRAM, as noted - their 10 and 11 derailleurs are interchangeable. Cranks/chainrings work either way.
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by pocari123

The 11-34 hg800 cassette will fit on a 10 speed freehub body. But you’ll also need new shifters and derailleurs

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by Weenie

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by maxice

Thanks for the replys

Will just get a 10spd 105 cassette for now until i'm ready to upgrade all at once then

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