Ergon Cf3 VCLS2.0 with oval rails

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by galr1

I've just built up a new Canyon which came with the VCLS2.0 seat post, seems to work well from my first ride but I'm not sure I can use it with my Bontrager with oval rails. Does anyone know if the replacement ergon cf3 flip head for oval rails will work with a bontrager serano RXL? The head is for 7x9 mm rails by the looks of it and the bontrager is quoted as 7x10mm rails. Currently running a serano RL with the round rails but keen to get 30g back by switching to the RXL if possible :D

by Weenie

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by Vermu

When I had one from Canyon, I quotes them clamp for oval rails.
I reckon ergon can supply those as well

Edit: yes I had carbon rails and fitted well. Not Bontrager though.

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by wheelsONfire

Anything over 9mm won't work with the 7*9 version of flip-head

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by pdlpsher1

wheelsONfire wrote:
Mon May 27, 2019 7:14 pm
Anything over 9mm won't work with the 7*9 version of flip-head
That is correct. However I was able to modify my 7*9 flip head so that it can work with my Fizik's 8*10 rails. I used a Dremel and slowly sanded down the clamps (both top and bottom). It took a lot of time and patience but it worked beautifully.

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