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by fattywilliams

This may be a stupid question but how much does tubless sealant weigh when its dried up on inside of the tyre videos you watch online always say top up sealant every 3 months or so but make no mention of cleaning old stuff out?

Surely it comes to a point where you'll have a few added grams of rotating weight that is undesirable?

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by Miller

Sealant by weight is mostly water. The dry weight can't be very much, a few grams as you say. Bear in mind that that sealant may be hiding some punctures so is still useful.

I did once remove dried Stan's sealant from inside a tyre and concluded that it's a waste of time. Up to you though, it doesn't make much difference either way. The biggest beneficiary will be your OCD tendencies.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

The trick to avoid ocd situations is to ride so much you'll wear out a tire in the time it takes to refill sealant once. :lol:

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by mattr

It's something like 15% solids (stans) so, not much.

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by Stueys

Excellent, a proper WW thread...;-)

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