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by murph

I'm thinking of changing my ultegra cranks over to Rotor, was looking at either the ALDHU or possibly Inpower DM. From my research the ALDHU can come with 24mm axle so I believe this is a straight swap from my ultegra. The inpower DM is 30mm so I would need to change the BB.

Is one axle size better for my frame over another? If I went for the Inpower DM is it just a case of a new BB? any issues with running a 30mm axle on the teammachine?

Many thanks

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by bilwit

The Teammachine is BB86 and designed for 24mm axles, so if you're using an Ultegra crank now, it would be a straight swap with the 24mm ROTOR one. That said, you can get a niche PF4130 BB that has small bearings to accomodate the larger 30mm axle.. however there are some drawbacks that you have to consider if you go this route:
  • the bearings will wear faster
  • smaller margin of error with the BB tolerance so don't cheap out if you go PF4130, do your research. A lot of people on this forum, myself included, have found the cheap ROTOR PF4130 pretty crap and creak-city (even using loctite)
  • if you have a disc brake Teammachine, there may not be enough room under the axle to route the hydraulic hose for rear caliper -- I would check with your BMC dealer or send BMC and email to make sure. I'm not entirely sure with the Teammachine (as I have the rim brake version), but this is definitely the case with the Roadmachine

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

I have the timemachine disc... no issues... running 30mm THM cranks... bearings are not that expensive unless you get ceramic.
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by Attermann

I had a praxis chainset on BB86, bearing with life was really great, no problem what so ever in shitty weather as it was my winter/rain bike.

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