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by biwa

Does the stock 7x10mm cradle that comes with the seatpost work with 7x9mm carbon rail (which seems to be the standard)? If not, why Enve still sells these posts with 7x10mm cradle and make the 7x9mm cradle an optional accessory?

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by ms6073

Which saddle? I am using Fizik Tundra M1 which Fizik lists as having 7x9mm braided carbon rails so Irdered the 7x9mm cradle only to find that the Tundra has slightly oversized (7x9.5 ish) rails, thus the 7x9 did not work. Fortunately the 7x10 works fine, just requires a really good allen head tool and higher torque. By contrast, the Fabric Scoopt and ALM Ultimate with 7x9 rails also work with the 7x10 cradle but are much closer to 7x9 than the Fizik and would probably be better if the 7x9 cradle is used. Note that the 7x9 cradle has more precise 'fingers' so if your rails are slightly larger than 7xc9, the fingers will dig into the carbon and prevent you from installing the wedges.
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