Continental Pro LTD ALX vs RBX vs AL vs PTX ect..

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Simon BP
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by Simon BP

Hi WW.
I am looking for an expert in Continental tyres, to help me get an answer to a question which has been bugging me.
The thing is that the Continental Competition Pro LTD tubular seems to come in alot of different versions. I have seen some called AL, ALX, PT, PTX, RBX ect, but I can't find out what the difference between them is. All I have found online is someone claiming that the ALX is the TT version, but I have some ALX with both regular and TT tread on them, so it seems it has something to do with the rubber mix instead perhaps?

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by bm0p700f

I am not sure whatthe difference is either. I have a set with what I would call TT tread on them i.e slick centre and brail on the edges. What else do you call the bumps.

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by mortirolo

PTX (PAVE, spring classic)

This edition of the Competition Pro LTD is the orange side wall Roubaix edition, design for the rough spring classics it comes with a strengthened side wall (PTX version),
nobbled tread for extra grip and latex inner tubes (as opposed to the butyl one in normal Competition tubulars).
That's why you can spot these being used during Paris-Roubaix (Mathew Hayman used them on his way to win) race as that's the most sturdy tubular Continental makes while still being fast.

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Simon BP
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by Simon BP

Cool, thanks! That helped getting better knowledge about one of them :) It also makes sense as the PTX seems alot stiffer in the casing than the others.

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by Etienne

Hi, from what I've seen, there is :

> the allround version, ALX badged in general is the standard road tub for pro teams and has a regular conti competition thread or a conti force/attack thread (smooth rolling band) ... seen in 22 and 25mm versions.

> a time trial specific version, called TT or TTX, that's lighter than the all round version ... maybe -30g and force/attack thread

> the PT/PTX and RB/RBX version are reinforced / larger volumes tubs ... I don't now exactly what the difference, but I suspect the PT/PTX are the super-reinforced version (nearly 400g per tire if I am correct).

I don't know what the X stands for ... some secret code :mrgreen:

Just my 2 cents ... E

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by bahn

I acquired a pair of the slick centred ALX variants, I assumed these were TT specific so hadn't got around to fitting them. But it sounds like these may still be suitable for road racing (what I would use them for). Unsure if there is a difference in Crr or puncture protection,etc...

Anyone shed any light on the real world difference between the slick centre version and the version with the nobbles all the way across the tread?

Simon BP
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by Simon BP

A few days ago I talked with a mechanic from a world tour team about them, and he confirmed what Etienne says. The slick centered tyres are not for TT but for regular road races. The TT tyre is called Podium Pro LTD (at least the ones that team used for TTs) and did not have the slick center. But he did not have an explanation for why some Competition Pro LTD tyres came in both regular competition tread and slick center tread despite having the same name.

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