Any website where I can compare the speed of two different bikes on a Strava segment?

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by Shrike

Wondering how fast my old aero bike would be v my brick adventure bike :P

Don't currently have the ability to go and test them watt v watt irl.

by Weenie

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by taodemon

A lot of different variables that could factor into the speed on a given segment, like wind/direction, wattage output, position on the bike. The most accurate would be back to back rides with a power meter holding the same wattage/position. Unlikely that there is a website that can take all the given variables and give you the result, or that you would even know the values for certain variables to enter into said website.

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by spdntrxi

not to mention tire Crr.. which is probably one of the biggest factors.. My 650x47s are a hell of a lot slower then Turbo Cotton 700x26c
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by CarlosFerreiro

Veloviewer will make it easy to filter to pull out times on specific segments for different bikes..... if you can figure out what to do with them after that.

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by spartacus

Probably the most realistic way would be to add or subtract the rolling resistance difference from the tires, then estimate the aero drag in watts and put it into some kind of calculator. There are so many variables but the tires and aero would be the main ones, say 15 watts on the tires and 25 watts for the bike and position aero difference at 25mph.

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