Getting a new 1 1/8 fork that looks like a tapered fork

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by souravdeyone

Hi everyone,

I have a 2007 trek madone 5.2 that I love to bits (mostly). One thing that has been bugging me is the appearance of the fork. The bike has a standard 1 1/8 steerer tube and I've attached a picture of the fork of my bike with this image.
WhatsApp Image 2019-05-15 at 06.55.18.jpeg
I'm hoping to get a new fork that is less "discontinuous" from an appearance standpoint, like in the case of most modern bikes. I've put an example of what I'm talking about in the image below. Here, the fork blends very well with the steerer tube as compared to to earlier image.
My question is, is there a specific term of fork I need to look for in order to be able to achieve a semblance of this look? I've read about tapered forks and stuff, but I don't think that'll work since they start off at 1 1/8 at the top and end up at 1.5 on the bottom.

Once again, thank you for all you help and advise in advance!

by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

You want a cap like THM Spina Scapula, but I doubt such a product was ever available for your fork, so you'd have to either custom order or DIY. And then there's an issue of paint match.

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by souravdeyone

Thank you for your reply! This cap is likely just cosmetic right? From the looks of it, and looking at my fork, it doesn't seem to have a whole lot of structural function right? If that's the case then it *may* be possible to 3D print this....

As a side note, I found this on my local marketplace. This looks like it might have the look I'm desiring with a wider contact point at the top as compared to my existing stem.

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by muti

Maybe Columbus futura sl(11/8)?

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