Canyon Ultimate cracked frame around brake cable

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by Zigmeister

Why is there no plastic insert piece that the cable goes into onthe bike? Sorry, only had Scott Foil's the past 6yrs...but they have them, cable goes into that...this isn't an issue. Why is the cable end designed to go directly into the frame itself with no plastic and the metal/cable cap is inserted directly into the carbon frame?!?!

On a Foil you cut the cable plastic and it fits inside the cable insert into the frame, no metal or plastic piece usually, but if you have a smaller metal piece that covers your cable plastic end, like good quality ones usually do on your cable that fits, I do use that on the insert.


by Weenie

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by GothicCastle

Do you ride this frame on a trainer? That looks like some serious galvanic corrosion.

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by skyboy

Nasty :(
I have an Ultimate SLX but it's the newer model, I was replacing the rear brake cable recently and noticed it seems to be the same poor design. I hope this doesn't happen my frame in a few years time. Even without that corrosion it's a poor design as some of my pain is damaged.


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by kgt

That's certainly poor design...

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