Restore white on vegan leather S-Works 6 shoes

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by LouisN

My S-Works 6 shoes are still in pretty good shape. I have the white and grey ones. But the white is all dirty with lots of marks on it, especially the front. Anybody has a product to restore « vegan » ;) leather and bring back ( or cover the tarnished spots) the bright white ?
Louis :)

by Weenie

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by velov

Magic eraser (or your local variant) works pretty well.
If they're pretty far gone then I would just use Acetone to strip the top layer and then use Angelus leather's a very simple process.

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by benzebub

mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until you have thick paste (not gritty). smear it on the shoe and let it sit for a while, clean the paste of with a damp rag
But I could be wrong

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