Strange Case of Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoes Sizing

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by IAmTheWalrus

I'm posting this because it was so odd, and I felt that it might help somoene else in the same position.

A while ago I bought a pair of size 49 S-Works 7 Road shoes from the Specialized website. I didn't get an opportunity to use them for a while. When I finally put them on, they felt too tight in the toe area. This was surprsing as I had the S-Works 6 Road size 49 and I had read if anything the 7 was slightly larger in the toe box, not smaller.

The S-Works 7 said 49 on the label. The box said 49. My receipt said 49.

I put them next to the S-Works 6 and they looked smaller:
I then ordered another S-Works 7 size 49 and it turns out those also seemed different
I contacted Specialized online and got no response. Not impressed with the customer service there.

I took the shoes into to a local Specialized store, and they were more helpful. They refunded the original shoes, and I kept the new 49s which do actually fit.

The incredible thing is, the size 49 label inside the original shoe looked a little loose, so we pulled it of. Beneath the 49 label was a label that said 48!!

Someone had actually taken a 48 shoe, relabled it as a 49, and shipped it to a customer as a 49. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have belived it.

by Weenie

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by Js2

I bought identical pairs before (end up getting a better deal from another place) and the length was a little different due to the way they align the upper. The slightly smaller pair was crooked on right shoe because of the way they align the heel upper when I look at them from bird's eye view and the shoe was wider on the heel area because of this but shorter in the front. It even has that sticker QC passed lol...

Also the cleat markers on these shoes are useless, right and left is different by a few mm up and down and left to right.... at least on my pair.

Still awesome shoes, but will not pay anywhere close to retail for these.

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by IAmTheWalrus

In my case, the actual carbon plate was a different size.

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