Handlebar Upgrades (and others) to Emonda SL 6 Pro

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by magma004

Hi guys

I recently just bought an Emonda Sl 6 and it's brilliant, but I am thinking of upgrading it at some point in the future and I have few questions!

In regards to handlebars, what are the advantages to getting an integrated bar and stem over a super lightweight bar and stem, or a lightweight stem and aero handlebar?

Also are there any tyres that you reccommend that blend low rolling resistance, lightweight and puncture proofing (the golden trio)

Finally are there any other pieces that are usually good cost effective upgrades on a bike?


The three handlebars I am thinking of are :

Bontrager XXX Aero Handlebar
Bontrager XXX VR-C Road Handlebar
Both of these with xxx stem

Or Bontrager XXX Integrated Road Handlebar/Stem

by Weenie

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by dim

I have an Emonda SL6 and bought the Bontrager xxx integrated aero handlebar

downside is that I cannot use my K-Edge Garmin/go pro mount and have to use the Blendr system

also, first have a proper bike fit (where you are connected to a computer) before you buy new handle bars/stem, especially if you are buying an integrated handlebar

as for tyres, I really like the new Continental GP5000 (I have the tubeless version) .... fast, zero punctures so far, and after more than 1700 Km, they still look very good with minimal wear
Trek Emonda SL6
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by magma004

Thanks for the ideas!

I may just stick with getting an aero handlebar instead of an integrated bar and stem. Is there much of a difference in terms of feeling and aerodynamics?

I am yet to try tubeless on a road bike - maybe it's something I need to think about

Would you reccommend the handlebars you bought?

Finally anything else you upgraded?


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by FIJIGabe

I was able to pick up a Zipp Contour SL bar, which weighs less than 200g in a 44cm width, for really cheap. It's a good bar, which, although not "aero", is very light. Given that you're on an Emonda, aero isn't necessarily a big deal (whereas low weight, is). I would suggest looking for one of those, if your budget allows.

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by magma004

Thanks but I think im looking to get some bontrager handlebars.

I feel like for extra 50g aero bars will be much quicker over a general ride than super lightweight bars (xxx normal vs aero)

Does that sound about right or not?

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