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by c60rider

Yet another red kit can't these teams be a bit more imaginative. I used to get confused with sky and Sunweb last year in the tour especially when they did the helicopter shots. Now Sunweb have become almost anonymous amongst the rest of the red kit. I don't like the pink of EF or the orange of CCC but at least they're different.

by Weenie

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by mag ... akes-first
Team Ineos won’t just have an ugly new kit to wear for the rest of the season, they’ll also be competing aboard the brand new Pinarello Dogma F12. :D

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by Maximilian

Good look at the frame in black here. I think the dark colour hides the uglyness a bit...


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by tabl10s

Looks nice now that you can see it clearly.
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by eric01

For some reason, the official pictures look better than the leaked image even though it appears to be the same bike. Maybe its the paint job.

Still not my cup of tea, but not as bad as the earlier Pinarello's that looked like a Dali painting.
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ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

I had an f10 and replaced it with a sl6. This f12 is growing on me.

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by moyboy

Yeah looks not that bad as the leaked photo where it looked like it was in a crash test.
ome rodriguez wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 2:10 pm
I had an f10 and replaced it with a sl6. This f12 is growing on me.

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by spdntrxi

in the GCN vid... .. if I had a choice the colorway of the rim brake bike on the disc frame would be the way to go.

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by colagreek

$6500 US for the Disc or Rim, assuming the bar will run another $1000

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by mike

the pinarello prince from the year early 2000 i still prefer over the dogma f10. that bike is a keeper and more lively than the f10

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by Imaking20

It looks like the F10 is having an allergic reaction.
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by survivor

Official photos look better than the leaked one.

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by TonyM

Nice cable integration. All manufacturers are going this way.

Polarizing design. Like many super premium car manufacturers for example. If you own a Pinarello Dogma you want the others to see it immediately.

by Weenie

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