10 speed specific freehub body

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by Tricky1

Converting a 6 year old 10 speed Shimano drivetrain to 11 speed. I'm assuming the freehub body is only 10 speed compatible as the the lockring won't thread on? (I did remove the 1.8mm spacer before installing the 11 speed cassette).

The rim is a Ritchey pro ds laced to a generic no name hub. It's interesting it isn't compatible with 11 speed as there was a spacer originally installed?

I made sure every cog spacer and cog was seated correctly, but it would not allow the lockring to thread to the hub... I then installed the 11 speed cassette on another older freehub body to satisfy my curiouslty, and it fit without issue (probably as it was a higher end product).

Appreciate any input as to my suspicion that the freehub is only 10 speed compatible, or that in my limited experience I missing something obvious. Thanks!

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by bikeboy1tr

I have some freehubs like this from the past and even though yours is only 6 years old it may have been old stock from the beginning. I suspect it is originally a 9 sp hub that had the spacer on it for when the ten sp came out. I have machined a portion of the flange where some hubs have ribs that run up the flange. This makes enough clearance for 11 sp to fit on without sacrificing any strength of the hub itself.
So if you have access to a lathe or just replace it with a new hub.
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by Weenie

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by Tricky1

Thanks bikeboy, I appreciate the help. The wheel is the wife's and I want them gone anyway, now she'll have to upgrade. :thumbup:

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by alcatraz

I thought 8-9-10sp cassettes were the same width. Hmm...

Have you tried to measure the length of the freehub?

I recently fit a 10sp cassette on an 8sp wheelset no problem.

Some 11sp cassettes can be fitted to 10sp freehubs.

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