Need help with Campy drivetrain

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by Noctiluxx

My friend bought a used Pinarello F8 with Campy SR drivetrain. As you can see from the pic the chain is too short. I assume the original owner upgraded to an easier cassette and didn't bother replacing the rear derailleur to a longer cage. What is the best option? Buy a longer cage rear derailleur, add links to a the chain (or new) or compact crankset?
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by Weenie

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by Alexandrumarian

More links, a longer cage will not make it look any better.

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by welchy

Simples, longer chain bud. It looks like it would’ve been too short before anyway.

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by Miller

Yes, more links or just install new chain of the correct length is the solution. You'd only install a compact if you want a compact.

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by Calnago

Is that a 29 or a 32 tooth cassette? If it’s a 29 then simply putting on a correct length chain is needed. With the correct length chain that setup will be good for any cassette from 11/23 to 11/29, with just a simple adjustment of the H screw to optimize it for the particular cassette being used, providing the chainrings stay the same. If it’s a 32 tooth cassette, then that derailleur is not designed for it, regardless of chain length.
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