EPS v3 battery

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by WorkonSunday

Hi all,

Just out of interest, is there only one grade of battery for EPS v3? there is no "Record" level battery or "SR" level battery as such?

Also, i take it as v3 system only works with v3 battery and nothing else? Thanks.
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by bruno2000

Yes only one V3 battery.
To make it work you will need a V3 interface.
Battery charger is v2-3-4 compatible.

by Weenie

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by Miller

Resurrecting a suitable old topic to get some advice.

Situation is I bought a new EPS v3 interface unit and a pre-owned v3 power unit with intention of doing a v2 to v3 upgrade in a functioning EPS v2 system.
Now with the new PU and interface installed and connected all I am getting is a steady green light on the interface unit. System appears unresponsive to input from any lever or button.

Via the App, I was able to connect to the interface unit and this showed that the PU could have a firmware update. I was able to update the PU successfully to firmware 037 which got my hopes up but it has made no difference. Still steady green on interface unit and no shifting possible.

Update: has come back to life! F/w update must have worked.

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