Any real world experience with Sram AXS?

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by Gearjunkie

@CallumRD1: the 30% difference in gap is based on the gap difference inch numbers provided by Russell - see my earlier post.

Those numbers are not the same as just comparing the gaps between rear cogs because they take into account the rear jump (gap) relative to the front ring. Which is my point - AXS uses smaller front rings, and that (added to the fact that the rear cogs are also smaller) means that AXS shifts result in greater roll out differences, which is what matters more than just % change between the rear cogs that you are talking about.

Same for bikesrdangerousmnk's comment: yes, sure, it's harder to push 53x11 than 48x11 (duh), but the roll out gap between 53x11 and 53x12 is smaller than the gap between 48x10 and 48x11.

But actually I tend to agree with Russell that this isn't a massive issue, it just bugs me that the marketing hype says AXS is better at this than 11S when actually it's the other way around, even if only in a small way.

The (much) bigger issue is the reduced efficiency / higher drag with smaller cogs front and rear, as per the article quoted by pdlpshr1 and as per my earlier comment.


by Weenie

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by jlok

I agree, SRAM got the marketing quite well this time to hide the short-comings. Typical American company?

Yesterday I actually (finally) got the Red AXS installed by LBS.

1. The FD finally felt solid. When shifting to inner ring, there's a big difference from FD-8050. The chain is like being placed/put to the inner ring rather than being thrown to the ring by 8050.

2. RD is quieter than 8050, near silence. Haven't tested the damper thing that sorts out rough surface riding. It hesitate to shift at mid-range but I found that the mechanic didn't set B-gap correctly. Will test the correction using the B-gap setting tool soon.

3. Regarding the 11-10 difference... I'd say... I can't notice the difference between 12-11, will try again on Saturday.

4. Yes, the hood and brake lever feel is exactly what I want. Much better fit for my hands. 8050 brakes just feel wooden in comparison. The bad thing about the brakes is the banjo bolt connection, which doesn't look neat. Force AXS brakes use inline connection so it looks better, but it's two-piece construction... :(

5. Phone app works much better than Shimano's. Clean and responsive, and straight forward.

Overall the impression is great. Should get it with complete bike as the price sounds more reasonable than buying it retail.
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