Why do aero bikes handle like barges or is it just me? [emoji2369]

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by ultyguy

So I’ve had a few aero bikes over the years as they are obviously faster, especially at race speeds (when I’m trying to close back the gaps after getting drop in climbs by skinny guys). However, I haven’t found a single one that does have a fair amount of understeer to it. I have no clue if this is a user issue or something else. The geo of all these bike have been a carbon copy of ‘normal’ race frames so it’s not in the geo.

Aero bikes ridden

Canyon Aeroad
Scott Foil
Felt AR

Anyone had similar experiences? Am I just crazy. Do you have an aero bike that doesn’t feel like this?

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by jlok

Propel Adv SL Disc. Quick and responsive handling.
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by Weenie

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by ryanw

Throw your leg over a new Venge and thank me later.
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by Campervan

ryanw wrote:
Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:42 pm
Throw your leg over a new Venge and thank me later.
I was about to same virtually the same. I did find the BMC TMR01 more relaxed than the new Venge.
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by jfranci3

When do you notice this? Are you on stock wheelsets/tires at your normal pressures? True understeer would come from weight distribution front/rear. I doubt you're losing traction with your front tire, so it's probably some other sensation. If it is true understeer, you'd likely want to shift weight rearward.

Youre probably saying high load cornering, your inputs feel less direct. Aero bikes have a narrower down tube, which might give this sensation. Other factors could be disc wheelsets have narrorer spoke falanges, aero forks/frames are less laterally stiff in general, some aero bikes have around 1cm longer wheelbase. If the bike is running different or fatter size tires it'll feel like understeer also. Even the same size Schwalbe Pro One feels radically different than a Hutchinson Galtikcon 11STORM! when you pitch the bike, with the Hutchinson feeling more oval and inexact.
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by rides4beer

I've only ridden one, my Transonic, but it handles great imo (again, with nothing to compare it to). I guess I'd have to ride some others to know, but I've never felt unsafe riding in a tight group, or taking curves at high speeds. I haven't raced a crit with it, or anything like that, which I guess would be a better test of handling than a fast group ride.

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by refthimos

I find my SystemSix Hi-Mod to be quite nimble - it has a slightly different "feel" to it from my SuperSix, but I think that's mostly the result of the SuperSix being over 2kg lighter.
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by dcorn

Understeer?? If your front tire is pushing through turns, you might be going too fast.

Haven't noticed any sluggish handling in my Aeroad compared to an S-works SL4 Tarmac or my new Allez Sprint. Maybe acceleration or snappiness, just because the Aeroad weighs a bit more and has much deeper wheels.

by Weenie

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by ChiZ01

check the HT angle and fork trail

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