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by huddini


I have a handful of powermeters from SRM. One of them is a PM7 with 7800 arms. I had a dead battery in july 17. When I send it for a replacement, SRM said, that the meter was beyond repair. I had to buy a new one. They claimed that the ANT board was dead. I noticed that the meter had a lot of drops, but just for a second or two every other ride.

They sold me a refurbised one, which I used around 250 hours. Aug-Oct 17 and march-oct 18. I sold a bike a mounted it on another frame just two weeks ago. The slope could not be read, I was not able to do a zero offset and the watts were pretty random. After an hour or two of riding my PC8 said "Low battery on powermeter". I send it to SRM and they claim that there is no problem at all. When I ask SRM about how they can claim a batterylife of 1900 and I only get sub 300 and other problems, they just claim its normal. When I ask SRM if they can explain me why that none of my other 5 SRM powemeters had semilar problems they dont respond. I told SRM, that I honestly didnt expected them to charge me, since I see it like a warranty since I had no slope or a zero offset.

Let me know what you think.

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by ParisCarbon

I had a 135BCD Cannondale custom made for me back in 2010, it was the same model Liquigas was running when they used Campagnolo.. it finally crapped out last year beyond repair like yours..I guess I can't complain for 7 years and 10000K+ a year on it...

Regarding battery levels..
Here was the stats on mine when the batt was dying:
software ver: 203
hardware ver 13
operating time : 684:45:20
batt voltage: 3226 Mv
batt status : OK

this is part of an email I got from SRM when the above mentioned Shimano PM was throwing PC8 low batt messages:

The word descriptors for battery status are a 5 point scale: New, good, fair, ok, critical. The batt voltage generally gets transmitted slightly lower than measured, so 3.226 v is in concurrence with the battery status descriptor

My model also required a firmware update.. my firmware version was prone to spitting out erroneous battery warnings apparently.. I
I was told it may last a few more months at the current levels, or it may pack it in the next day... looking at my emails, it seemed it did go a few more months before it finally failed and was just spitting out numbers all over the place...

by Weenie

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by huddini

Good numbers from your meter.

Mine was on the newest firmware. Bought it from SRM, but it became unstable. No zero offset and drifting numbers. SRM says its perfect. Blame the customer and claim that the batterylife is normal, when you get less then 18% of what they advertise.

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