12 speed chain on 11 speed cassette?

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by Cattie

Will it work? For example Shimano XTR or Campy 12 speed chain on a DuraAce 9100 cassette.

12 Speed chains have a smaller width and I hope it could be beneficial at both ends of the cassette.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

What problem are you looking to improve?

Narrower chains have previously been compatible as long as the inner width stayed the same. It's possible that a narrower inner width is ok with certain chainrings/cassettes/pulley wheels but not all.

Also you need to be careful about not letting the chain fit between the chainrings = safety issue.

With sram there is some conflicting info. It's said their new 12s chains aren't like the old ones but KMC is claiming their chains to be compatible with all brands (if I remember correctly). Someone must be mistaken. It deserves more looking into before buying.

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by bruno2000

Why on earth would you want to use a 12spd chain on an 11spd cassette?

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