Dogma FS released

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by mattyNor

853guy wrote:"This is our new full-suspension road-orientated gravel-cross bike. It will also be followed by our new full-suspension gravel-orientated road-cross bike, and our full-suspension cross-orientated gravel-road bike. In order to assure maximum performance during out-of-the-saddle efforts of 55 minutes or more, each of these models will be released with different bottom bracket standards that are neither interchangeable with one another nor backward compatible. We will also be releasing an E-bike version, with an aero frame to mitigate losses from the weight of the battery pack."
This had me in tears

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by 853guy

"We’re calling it the Distinction, as in distinction, without a difference. We’ll also be releasing a special limited edition model in collaboration with Rapha in matt-black with a pink seat post, called the Individual, where you must agree to only ride with other people who wear the identical outfit to you. RRP will start at $18,000. The Rapha edition will be $24,000."

N.B. Posts contains heavy, self-reflexive content.

by Weenie

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by rollinslow

What makes Paris-Roubaix awesome is that they race road bikes on an insane difficult and cobbled course. The key is racing "road bikes". They can race full suspension bikes at the MTB equivalent. What a gimmick, and their team was a bunch of losers anyway. I suspect these frames will end up like most Pinarello's...deeply discounted on Competitive Cyclist.
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