Colnago master

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by wilwil

I see it has the traditional lever bosses on the down tube, some do some don't never found out why. Best put silver tradional looking parts and wheels on it and say f**k the weight. Buy a carbon bike for the days when you want to ride a lighter bike.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

I hate to say it, but I’d look at this as a chance to start two completely new projects...

1) strip everything (except the bottle cages) off that frame and start over. From scratch. Low profile rims, minimal to no graphics. Silver spokes and hubs. Alloy seat post. Alloy groupset. Alloy stem. Round bars. All of it. Just start over and enjoy it. And no red tape, white or black, to go with whatever white or black saddle you put on, yes... change the saddle too.

2) use the new 12sp stuff on something newer, lighter. The black components just aren’t doing a thing for this frame, with its chromed features.
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by c50jim

The most obvious way to reduce weight would be to find a Star fork and install that. When I had a Master, it was built during the era when they sold them with a carbon fork with a steel or alloy steerer (I can't remember the model name) and that saced a lot of weight. I have a spare new Star that I found on eBay a few years ago. WIth 3 C40s in my inventory (down from five last year), I felt that a spare was worth having. I've ridden Tecnos with both steel and carbon forks and I think the ride might actually be better with carbon and the Master is very similar to the Tecnos.

That really looks like a nice bike. I'd just ride it. Steel will never be super light.

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by micky

I agree with posts above, trying to shave weight of a Master is like chasing a rainbow for get the pot of gold coins at the end of it.
Focus on improve the ride (a carbon Colnago Star fork would probably shave a little weight which wouldn't be bad) like wheels etc.

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by Wookski

My mate’s 6.8kg master- I think he’s nailed the modern retro look:


The best part is that it rides beautifully- the lightweights and minimal fork pair really well with the traditional frame.

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by kgt

It certainly needs a Colnago carbon fork.

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by bm0p700f

It can be made lighter but there come a poi t where what does it add to the bike. Your bike op is about how it rides not penlight it is.

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