Internally routed cables/wires Cervelo S3 Disc

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by dricked

So I’m switching things around on my S3 disc and I was ready to take a hacksaw to the right side of the bars. The hammerhead style cervelo bar can burn in hell, 3hrs and I’m still not done. There’s a blockage of some sort in the right side preventing me from smoothly pulling even a single di2 wire through and if I get it started it’s a struggle to pull back. Getting the brake hose through there was such a fight that I almost gave up. The left side was pulled in 2 minutes, as I was expecting. In saying this, does anyone know how the Cervelo Carbon stem works with the A junction? I read that it holds a junction box and if it did, it would prevent me from having to run a couple wires in these damn bars.

Edit: I found the wiring diagram on the Cervelo site. They use a JC200 connector in the stem
and the bar end A junction as you would expect. I guess I’ll fight my way through it.

Pic of stem

by Weenie

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