Groupset change, but which crank with powermeter?

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by Cattiy

I am changing the groupset on my Ultimate CF Disc to an Ultragra Di2 Upgrade kit. At the moment I am running a Quarq DZero Carbon crankset (which uses symmetrical 5 bolt chainrings).

My options?

1)Should I swap to a Quarq DFour91 spider with Shimano Ultegra chainrings?

2)Are there any chainrings that would be close in shifting performance to the Ultegra chainrings that have a 5 bolt interface?
What about chainline?

3) Ditch the Quarq and go for a Ultegra Stages LR powermeter crankset?

What would you do?

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by wheelsONfire

How is your cuerrent Quarq,?
If it works great i would go for the new version you mention.
Maybe the Quarq seems more neutral, for good or bad!?

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by Weenie

ill principe
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by ill principe

I´m currently building a new bike using 8070 upgrade kit and a preference for spider based PM. I went with Quarq DZero and Praxis Works Buzz chainrings. In my experince Praxis Works chainrings offer good enough shifting performance with Di2.

Regarding option 1, the DFour91 design is tailored for the DA 9100 chainrings. Using Ultegra will not look as good as they will not match the interface btw spider. and ring. DA 9100 rings seems to be very hard to get your hands on atm (at least in Europe). The design of Power2Max NG (Eco) 4-S will give you a greater freedom in choosing Shimano chainrings. Though these are also short in supply currently.

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