47-57mm brakes and clearance

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by petromyzon

Really a specific question about the blue Ritchey Road Logic with improved tyre clearance.

I realise that this is a frame designed for 39-49 mm brakes. However, Shimano's regular brakes in the most recent series have a drop of up to 51 mm and in photos the Road Logic looks to be set at the upper end of this.

My question is, would using a high-end 47-57mm brake like Velo Orange or TRP RG957 buy me any extra clearance for a small mudguard? Particularly laterally with the two pivots that Shimano have.

I suspect this is something I would have to try for myself, as there would have to be a significant gain to be worth the expense and loss of performance cf. the market leaders.

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by mekidear

The distance from the brake bolt hole to the underside of the caliper is almost exactly the same for an Ultegra caliper (newest model) and the deep drop TRP brake

The two pivots on the Ultegra caliper do restrict the space available to the sides, (just where your mudguard would be) to about 32mm. You get about 45mm on the TRP.

So the TRP will give you extra side clearence but no benifit vertically.

The Shimano deep drop calipers are similar to the TRPs side to side but you loose 4 or 5mm vertical clearance - also the Shimano brakes do not work well with recent Shimano levers - hence why I bought the TRP's which brake fine but no where near as good as the Ultegras. So I would not recommend the Shimano deep drops. - I have a redundant pair of these if you want them :-)

I dont know about the clearances on the deep drop Velo Orange brakes. I did ask Velo Orange if they were compatible with the cable pull on Shimano Levers and all they said was that they had no complaints!!

by Weenie

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