Colnago concept - best in the world?

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by mriddle

It’s just one of many attempts by Colnago to re-find their way...
The C-40 was revolutionary.
The C-50 was the peak in 2005-ish.
Lately? Nothing close to best in world.
Maybe the E-64?

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by FTPWhor

Was Kristoff riding the concept or v2-r today??

by Weenie

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by cunn1n9

Hardly any pro rides the C64. All on the monocoques. Interesting

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by spdntrxi

it' not 4/1 yet ? well maybe in some part of the world?
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by AJS914

It doesn't seem like choosing one aero bike over another isn't that big of a deal. According to the Tour test posted in the other topic, a fast bike saves 16 watts. You can get back 5 watts with an aero handlebar on a regular bike so that leaves 10 watts on an aero frame. So, even if a Madone or Venge is a few watts faster than a Concept, it's on a few watts. You save your most watts with a tight fitting race jersey, wheels, and positioning. ... OUR_1.jpg#

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by XCProMD

You don't get it. It's incremental gains. And a hell of a lot of pseudoscience.

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by AJS914

What don't I understand? I'm saying that if an aero bike is worth 16 watts then there is little downside to the Concept. It's certainly more aero than a C64. Is it as aero as a Venge or Madone? Who knows but worst case scenario is 16 watts.

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