anybody go to 28mm tires, and NOT like the switch?

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by Catagory6

or maybe you couldn't tell the difference?
i have a stockpile of 23mm, and i'm not sure if i can tell a difference between them and the 25mm?
wondering if 28 will be a noticeable "improvement"...
improvement over what? that's another question

or maybe there's already a discussion about this that you could point me to?

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by TiCass

What do you mean by improvement? It's slower if that's what you're asking.

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

my 28's are schwalbe pro ones... normally I ride turbo cotton in 24 and 26. You can feel the difference's plush. Nothing like my WTB Byways @ 650x47..but still.
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by kode54

Also feel depends on tubeless with less psi or tubed with higher psi.
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by ms6073

I initially switched to Schwalbe Pro One tubeless 28's on a set of Nox Composite Falcor 36D wheels (21mm inner width). Running at ~80-psi, I really liked the comfort level which I could almost say are comparable to running Corsa G+ 28c clinchers with Vittoria latex tubes at ~95-100 psi, but always felt I was expending more effort in high tempo group rides. Changed the 28's for Pro One 25's and while the road feel is a tad harsher, I am not near as knackered after long rides. Sort of topic drift, but although I have come to appreciate the longevity of tubeless and Pro Ones, having suffered a couple punctures over the past 12-months, only one required stopping so i could insert a plug and we were rolling again in under 30-seconds. I had a good history with Vittoria Corsa/Corsa G+ clinchers as everyday tires, and while that typically meant new tires every 3-months, I am recently getting tempted to give the new Corsa G2 Control TLR tires a try.
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by Marin

At the same level of sag the 28s will have the same rolling resistance as the 23s. If you ride them softer, they will obviously be more comfortable, but slower.

If you aren't bottoming out your 23s, you can run these softer instead - if you are running relatively high pressures currently.

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by AJS914

I recently went from Gp4000 23s to 25s. The 25s are like 10% more comfortable.

I really wish I could run 28s or 30s on my bike. We have rough roads around here and even with the 25mm GP4000s (measure 27mm) @ 75/80psi I feel I'd be faster on a 28 or 30mm tire @ around 60-65psi. I recently got a KOM. The segment has rough sections of road where I had to stop pedaling because I was getting so bounced around. I think I'd be faster on wider rubber at lower pressure.

I do think it's important to have a wider rim width to support the wider tires. I tried 25mm GP4000s once on a 14mm internal rim and they didn't feel good. They were too light bulb shaped and I didn't feel confident cornering on them.

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by Mr.Gib

I loved the switch. Comfort on less then perfect surfaces was nice but the biggest difference is the traction. If you like to corner and descend agressively, the improvement of bigger volume tires is massive. I have found the sweetspot to be around 30mm, so a decent sized 28 on a wide rim. Pressure needs to be down around 65 psi. The bike feels like it simply will not slide out no matter how far over you lean it.
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by addictR1

Does plush = slower?

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by dim

in my honest opinion:

28's are for touring and commuting .... plush, comfy etc and nice on a gravel bike that is used on good roads for commuting and nice for slow leisurly Sunday rides

but they are not as fast as 25's
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by spdntrxi

addictR1 wrote:
Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:21 pm
Does plush = slower?

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usually :lol:

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by addictR1

spdntrxi wrote:
addictR1 wrote:
Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:21 pm
Does plush = slower?

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Yea that what I thought. With plush rides I notice I need to use more W to maintain the same speed in 23mm

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by Lewn777

28mm and 25mm there isn't that much difference on smoother roads and it depends on who makes the tire, for example Contis often blow up wide on most rims so if you have a conti 25, you've nearly got a 28.
I'd also try to match any width to my rims, and to the road surface. If you get loads of smooth roads a 28mm tire isn't really that neccessary, if you live in the UK for example, where local councils don't have enough money to maintain the roads properly (but the central government seem to have deep pockets to build new ones) then 28mm can be absolutely worth it. Also narrower rims won't deal that well with a tire that's too wide, but these days it's pretty unlikely.

My final thoughts are stay with your bike manufacturers tire width as measured on your rims, unless your roads are rough and if your rims and frame/rim brake clearance can deal with it.

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by cyclenutnz

The 28mm GP4000SII on my training bike measure out at 32. I don't really like them - just feels a bit vague on the road. For me it feels like they've gone past the balanced point of squish and feedback.
But it is nice when it's raining or roads are bad that I know I've got more grip and bump tolerance, so I'd probably do the same again (it is the bike for rainy days afterall).
For overall feel I prefer the 25mm Contis measuring out at 28 - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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by Bridgeman

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