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by Guevarca

I know I could google but am sure the collective minds here will know...
What stem angles do different brands use?
I currently run matching Deda finishing kit but want a little less height at the front end.
On Deda their stems are -8degrees unless I go Zero 100 Team/Pista which is -20.
I know 3t do a -17 degree but what else is available around -10 to -15 degree range?
Thanks for your help

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by zirxo

I think all of PROs models is available in -10 and -17 and Zipp SL Sprint is -12. Those are the ones I know about off the top of my head.

by Weenie

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by Orbital

ITM has a few stems in -10. I have an Alcor on my supersix.

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by joejack951

Kalloy Uno comes in -17 degree.

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by Guevarca

Thanks all, will check them out as don’t want anything quite as severe as the -20

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by morganb

Someone informed me in a similar thread you can get an S-Works stem in -12. They are light and have subtle logos that wouldn't look out of place with a Deda cockpit.

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by TheDoctor

Easton EC90SL is available in -10 too
Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL6 Disc
Cervelo R5 Disc
Argon 18 Nitrogen
Argon 18 Gallium
Canyon Exceed CF SLX 8.0
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by Kazyole

Extralite does the hyperstem in -6° and -12°

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by wrenegade

Thomson (X2, X4) also does a -10° and -17°, and the older Easton EA90 stems were available in a -10° (new ones are -7°). The Specialized S-Works SL stem (aluminum) does come in a -12° but I think it's a little hard to come across. It doesn't appear to be available in Canada yet.

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by cyclenutnz

I haven't updated in a while but this list shows a lot of stem options - 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder Software

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by Guevarca

That’s great, thank you
Using a 140mm limits me somewhat but thanks for the info

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by sychen

Zipp service course comes in a 25deg.. Go big or go home!

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by Slammed

Pro vibe alloy -10 comes in 140mm. The Zipp sprint sl is probably the only -12 stem that comes in 140mm. You could also go to a lower stack headset upper if you want to go a bit lower with a -8 or -10 degree stem.

by Weenie

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