Is anyone using DI2 Bar End junction box on Canyon 1 piece bar/stem?

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by boots2000

Is anyone using the bar end Shimano DI2 junction box with Canyon 1 piece bar and stem?


I am looking for a clean and shrink wrapped setup-

by Weenie

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by iamraymond

The guy from Rides of Japan on YouTube has a video of how to do it. His video shows the process on a alloy bar but he did it also with the Canyon Endurace bar stem combo. I think I saw a picture of it on Instagram.

He’s a proper weight weenie also.

Here’s the video:

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by MayhemSWE

Canyon's new series of integrated cockpits whose model numbers all start with CP is compatible with the barend junction box, the previous models are not. Unless you drill them yourself, which is probably doable but obviously voids all warranties etc.

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