Campy 10 speed chainrings with 11 speed drivetrain?

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by dmp

I've searched the forums and am unable to find a definitive answer for this question. Here is the situation:
I am building up a Litespeed Tuscany frame I recently acquired. It will be used primarily for commuting, but still want it to be a relatively light (even if not truly WW) bike, and am going to mount a very nice earlier generation Campy 11sp SR drivetrain from my Pinarello that I recently upgraded to post 2015SR. I did not change the crankset out, however, and only have a carbon 10speed UT Veloce crankset for the Litespeed.

Can I run an 11 speed drivetrain (including the chain) on the 10 speed chainrings, or do I need to find a new crankset or set of chainrings? 11 speed sets seem to be rather pricy even used, and I am trying to do this with parts I already have and without spending too much more.

by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

You can do it as I have several times in the past but the FD might have to be set up a little tighter to make it work okay. I ran 10 speed chain on my 9 speed bikes before as well but the chain would occasionally drop between the two chainrings but it was always an easy recovery. At least with the 10 speed rings I never had this problem with 11 speed chains.
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by ianeire

It'll work absolutely fine. I'm running a Chorus10 cranks and rings with a Chorus11 system and there are no issues.

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