Colnago E64 E-Bike

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by AJS914

What is weird is the C64 look in a monocoque frame. That will be sad if the next C series is monocoque.

by Weenie

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by wilwil

I think its good to have E Bikes that look like proper road bikes but I wish they hadn't modelled it on the C64. I think thats a marketing mistake by Colnago and they've damaged the image of the C64. Oh and over 60 is not the time for an E bike if you are fit and healthy.

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by Zakalwe

It’s a growing market and they should sell these easily, so good on them. Designing it as a fake looking knockoff monocoque with painted on lugs is an interesting spin on their flagship model though

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by Broady

Never sure why they always have some young pro looking guy on the advertising for these bikes.

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by kgt

Because it is part of the marketing as well. The buyer always wants to look cool, "like a racer" even if one is not fit enough to ride a 3% climb.

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