Options for light and aero?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by RocketRacing

robeambro wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:36 am
I'm sure on Slowtwitch you'd be able to find much more info on the lightest TT frame*, and here you can easily find info on the Tour Magazine 2018 (not 2019) for the lightest and most aero bikes (hint: rim brakes help with both. I think the Aeroad was one of the fastest and lightest)

To be honest I struggle to understand your thought process, you are a WW by heart, you are already very aero on your current steed, and yet you say the next one "is less about competition". Then why bother at all? But I understand you opened this discussion to receive suggestions rather than being critiqued, so I will leave this :mrgreen:

*if you can avoid being answered that aero trumps weight, that is.
Thank you for this reply, i very much enjoyed it!

I also follow slowtwitch, mainly because their forums have a few very smart people, and a few very smart asses. I am unsure which entertain me more. But get this... they think 17lbs is weight weenie territory. I think 17 lbs is a bad starting place. Their answer will be “aero is everything” and “do you even lift bro?”

And p.s. i am pretty sure my wife hacked your account. “Why do you need another bike? Why do you need another car? This is not sensible!” N+1 b!#%h!

But seriously, lets get philisophical, or reflective. Riding is about enjoyment. Part of that enjoyment, in the realm of type a, is getting better. Or rather, enjoying a challenge.

Part of that chalenge is physical. Bikes do not matter for that.

Part of the enjoyment comes from the mechanical. Working on your car, working on your bike, hands on.

Finally, (and maybe almost tied with the physical part for me) there is the engineering. Design, form, function. Engineering lightness. Engineering aero. Engineering beauty.

My road bike is light, my road bike is aero.... but primarily it is light (and god damn does it have visual impact!!!). But i want my next challenge to be full aero. Why? Because i have yet to go there. Because some people like having more than one tool for the job.

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