Specialized vs. Cervelo

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by Jugi

Lewn777 wrote: You are right again the difference between the SL5 and R3 was mostly in the wheels. Regardless is still believe there is something a bit off with Cervelo handling - to my taste, and I prefer Specialized finishing kit, their bar tape, saddles, stems, wheels tires etc seem much more to my taste so making me much less likely to spend money switching stuff out from new. But again that's subjective opinion.
I think that is a key consideration in all "which is better A vs. B" debates. Test ride comparisons between OEM builds are only applicable to those builds. Differences between complete bikes are easy to feel, but frame's riding characteristics are most likely hard to decipher. I have test ridden a couple of bikes as rentals around Mallorca, and more than once have thought about taking my own wheels with me, as that would transform the riding feel of most mid-range OEM builds.

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by jmechy

cyclenutnz wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:27 am
jmechy wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:29 am
Looking at the geometries of the two bikes made me think that a move from a 58 Tarmac to a L aeroad would be a fairly close match,
To add to what Tobinhatesyou said


You can see that the L would require the same length stem and 20mm more spacers (bar XY at the bottom shows the coordinates of the centre of the stem clamp)
If you move up to the XL (not shown) the spacers stay the same but the stem gets 20mm shorter
I've never looked at Velologicfit before. That is amazing! Thanks! Definitely going to play with it.

by Weenie

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by newbikerfast

Thanks for all the notes and helpful commentary. I assume a 58 S5 would not fit in any way, is this correct? I currently have a C5-61.

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by Bordcla

I have both a rim brake S3 with mechanical Ultegra and an Aeroad disc with Ultegra Di2.

Both are fantastic to ride, light, pleasantly snappy and fast. The value was also great for both (although a wheel upgrade was necessary on the Cervélo).

I'd say the Cervélo is a tad more stable and the Aeroad feels steeper at the front by a bit.

Both solid buys. Parts harder to get for the Aeroad (you must order them through Canyon). Other than that it is very much an issue of looks and personal preference.

The Specialized is also a great package, although its price seems considerably higher than the other two's...

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by newbikerfast

I think I've decided on the Specialized Venge Pro... Are there likely to be any differences with the 2020 models or just different colors? I'm not in a rush per se. Thanks!

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by wingguy

The Force AXS bike has just come out. Otherwise no, the frame won’t change and the groupsets won’t change for next year.

Maybe they’d switch to speccing full tubeless as standard, would be surprised at a bigger change than that.

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