BDop Cable/Housing combo? Anything other similar?

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by StanK

I find nice review here somewhere ... Is anyone using them? How do they perform over a certain period of time?

I really don't have that much of a need for new cables and housing, but it has to be done for my visual peace of mind :mrgreen:
I lowered handlebars significantly from last change of housing/cables combo, I also changed stem lenght, and now some extra lenght showed off and spoiling visual impression of a bike.
Shortening/reusing is out of question, because is already done, when I changed shifters.

BDop kit is $39.99 (Elite Road), which is, pricewise, exactly what I want - cheap and light :mrgreen: And if it's to believe that one review ... pretty good quality. Any other, similar suggestions perhaps? Braking/shifting combo would be preffered. I'm simple guy, don't want experimenting too much with that :)

Btw. of course, some weight savings would be welcomed, but my calculation showing that current housing/cable combo on my bike is 120-130g. Not too heavy either. Of course, I don't want end up with heavier solution :D

by Weenie

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