Campagnolo hydraulic brake hose fitting

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by c60rider

I've done a fair bit of searching online and not found anything clear so I'm hoping the vast knowledge on here can help. I'm in the process of setting up a bike with Campagnolo H11. In attempting to internally route the hydraulic cable in the handlebars, that coupled with the cables desire to remain curled up as it was packaged, meant I ended up kinking the hose in a couple of places. It's semi-straightened out but also scored the outer in a couple of other tiny places that will be visible between the bars and the hole in the top of the forks. As it's the front hose I have plenty to be able to just chop that piece off but the 90 degree connector at the ergolever end appears to be some sort of push on fitting that doesn't seem easy to remove, if at all. I could just live with it as it is but I would prefer to have as perfect a cable as possible on my first ever disc setup, but I can't find anything that might be compatible to be sure it will fit the campagnolo lever. Anyone got any ideas? I'm loathed to spend the £50 just to buy new Campag hoses! This Magura one ... prod128082 does look to be identical but I was hoping to just be able to attach a 90 degree connector with an olive etc but I doubt that will fit the groove in the lever even if it seals properly, plus any I've seen are half way towards the cost of one of the Magura hoses. Thought I would just ask if there are any other options?

by Weenie

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by Martin.F

Bumping this, I have the exact same issue today.

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by c60rider

The magura one I bought just didn't look quite right it was a little bit bigger than the Campagnolo one from memory so I sent it back and used the kinked one and there were no problems with that at all so I'm sure as long as it looks fine aesthetically then you won't have any problems with it. I'm just glad to have got rid of the bike and every bit of equipment and tools I bought related to disc brakes and gone back to a rim brake bike for winter :lol:

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by motorapido

The outer sheath is just cosmetic, the braid underneath gives the strength to reinforce the fluid carrying liner hose.

I've had success on Formula brakes with these kits from Superstar Components and they do one thats Magura MT fitment (kit7) this should be the same as the Campagnolo fittings as Magura make them for Campagnolo as far as i know. its pretty cheap and is just the end fittings so should trial fit the banjo assembly before sacrificing any hose. ... osefit.pdf

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by itsacarr

The campy lines are definitely more fragile on installation than day shimano - which is fairly easy to just stab throughout the frame. I was warned beforehand linking was a danger.

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by RyanBibko

I had this question myself for a long time, especially when it comes to the current pricing and availability of Campagnolo hydraulic hose. I bought the Magura MT hose and figured 'why not' as worse-case scenario, I could always use it for my MTB brakes if this didnt work. Long story short- there is a slight size difference but YES, I could make the Magura hose work for my Campagnolo H11 system (They are made by/partnered with Magura, as the brake pads are boujee MT-series pads). Below are some images I tried to capture with a caliper and some mathematical print paper. Hope this helps everyone!

Hopefully the images work! Cheers!
Image from iOS (67).jpg
Image from iOS (66).jpg
Image from iOS (65).jpg
Image from iOS (64).jpg
Image from iOS (63).jpg

by Weenie

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