Remove Dura Ace decals on 9100 brakes

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by PinaRene

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the Dura Ace 9100 decals of the brake calipers, and has anyone tried it ? Polishing or Acetone might work I guess, but with it leave some marks behind ? I want to give the 9100 brake calipers a chance on my eTap bike to see if I can get a better caliper set-up.

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by Lewn777

I think they are sprayed on under clear-coat, so I doubt acetone will work, it would probably be a case of light sanding and re clear-coating, but I doubt you'll end up with such a nice finish. BTW I've got 9100 Dura Ace calipers and they look great and work extremely well on my SRAM Force 22 mechanical bike. personally I don't care about having a mismatched groupo and have no need to remove the decals.

by Weenie

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by ilikegreen

Put some black electrical tape over it while you're testing. Pretend it's a prototype component.

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by TonyM

ilikegreen wrote:Put some black electrical tape over it while you're testing.
That‘s what I do on some parts on my bikes.
Easy method (also used by some Pros).

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