Why spend so much on a helmet?

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by 3Pio

robertbb wrote:
Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:06 am
Just bought my g/f a helmet (she's tiny and has a matching small head). Went with a Specialized youth helmet - all the adult ones were too big.

The non-MIPS helmet fit her better than the MIPS helmet, which moved all over the place and in my view (and others') this movement would actually offer poorer protection in certain crash circumstances.

As we were paying, the rep at the Spesh store told me the foam materials used in the youth helmet are identical to those used in the most expensive ones.

$60 purchase that fits her better, and therefore protects her better than a $350 option...
When i was purchasing my first Synthe (Crashed and tested :) ), i had a chance to test ride MIPS Version.. And realized that dont fit me well and dont feel comfortable enough.. So i bought Synthe Non Mips version ,which is really comfortable to me and which fit me perfect. So to be safe on the first place have to be comfortable and to fit well...After i crashed first one, i did not have dilema at all what kind of helmet will be my new one (exactly same colour, same Non Mips Synthe as first one :) )

Another thing regarding MIPS is that for me look like really marketing and nothing else and when i pick a helmet i dont consider it at all as option worth to think about ... I read swedish study about MIPS but .... But if it's same price and it fit well, at least no negatives..

And still have hair on my head :) so have natural mips :) which will do same thing as MIPS plastic layer (and comfier to my head :) )

by Weenie

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by kgt

Hair is the best MIPS and it works in all directions.

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by Lelandjt

Have any of you removed MIPS from a helmet? There's one I really want (Fox Proframe) but it's only available with MIPS. I haven't liked the MIPS I've tried on.

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