Why spend so much on a helmet?

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by tabl10s

Lewn777 wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:42 am
Cheaper helmets are just as safe as expensive helmets. They all have to pass the same safety standards in order to be sold. Although MIPS and other technology can enhance safety, but you have to weigh those safety advantages up with reduced ventilation and extra weight.
More expensive helmets are lighter, look better, can be more aero and better ventilated. Whether that's worth it to you is your own concern. Personally I find my Prevail 2 a joy compared to my Giro Foray, so the extra money is worth it, especially in tbhe summer when I climb mountains in hot weather and do twisty descents.

Some people think helmets are never needed. In my experience they are a life saver as they have saved me. I did 20 years of motorcycling and 10 years enduro MTB without even a helmet dink, then in the last five years had my head saved twice, god knows what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing one. Seems like punctures, you don't get one for ages then you get two or three in a week.
Around this time 25 years ago, I was riding at night and ran into a dilemma:

1)Get hit by going around the pile of leaves

2)Go through the pile

I chose option two which turned out to be a 🎄! Locked in, I went head-over-heels straight to the the ground head first which left half-inch depression.
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