Quality floor pump?

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by dgasmd

Had a Silfa for many years and it died 10 years ago after several years of use. Then bought a serfas cheapoo pump that 12 years later is still working like new. Called them once about a leaking head and without asking for it they sent me a new complete head. Years later still working.

I’ll never understand the obsession to get super expensive pumps to do the same thing.

I have a compressor now, the which pump is irrelevant for me anymore

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by RyanH

I went back to my Lezyne pump after having the Silca pump. I thought the chuck was rubbish and the feel of the pump wasn't much of an improvement over my Lezyne. I've also owned the real chuck that the Hiro is a copy of and it's good unless you have different valve extenders to deal with, which then means it blows off on some wheels.

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by jlok

I like the Lezyne L chuck. Solid feel and works with Disc wheel.
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by blaugrana

I still use a pump from Decathlon that I bought over a decade ago for 25€ and just keeps working flawlessly even though I use it several times a week and it has travelled quite a bit. While I haven't tried anything like the Silca, every time I have used a slightly more expensive pump from friends or shops I have ended up thinking that they aren't really any better than mine (and many of them have been actually worse).

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by maxxevv

My cheap Beto plastic floor pump has been with me for 15 years.
Only think it needed was a cheap 5 cents o-ring for the valve!

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by icantaffordcycling

My coach has a silica ultimate. I used it once and it is indeed a pump. My POS steel lezyene seems to be accurate enough.

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by Calnago

Pumps are all over the place. Have to say, the Specialized pumps seem solid and last with easy to read gauges and decent flip top chucks, but I've seen other offerings lately that look really nice too. But all these are still in working order, so I can blow money on other needless things first I guess. Here's an array of pumps I currently have lying around, also have a compressor for the people that need them to seat their tubeless tires, but that's another game altogether...

That fancy Lezyne pump 3rd from left was by far the most expensive, but the gauge broke on it in fairly short order. They sent another one as a replacement, but did require some mechanical aptitude to install properly, and required demolition of the exisitng gauge to be able to remove it. The thread on valve chuck works ok, but make sure your valve extenders and core are fairly snug or you can loosen those along with it. That's where the Air Bleed button comes into play, which releases the pressure in the hose, and allows the actual valve core to shut, making it easier to unthread the chuck without loosengin the core. I've had that thing completely apart, as I have the Specialized pumps, and to be honest you're not getting a lot, if anything, more out of the Lezyne. The guage is accurate however, spot on, when compared with a separate digital gauge. The first gauge was not, and that's what led me to getting the replacement. The Specialized on the right has a nice big dial for my aging eyes to read, and is well made it seems. The Slica way over to the left is a old, but works, and I've dedicated it to life of pumping up disc wheels, and thus attached the "crack pipe" chuck to it. It had the old big brass chuck before this.
My pump of choice for on the road is in fact the Lezyne Road Drive (shown leaning against it's big brother floor pump), as it has a nice mount which uses the water bottle bosses and tucks neatly into the side of the seat tube. I can get my road tires up to riding pressure without too much trouble, I counted the strokes for various pressures before with a 25mm tubular but forget the exact numbers... about 100-130 I think for pressures from 90psi -110psi. It's hose also has the Air Bleed button, which is even more important on the road than in the garage, as you really don't want to be unscrewing your valve extenders or valve cores inadvertently in the wild.
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by paul64

It all sounds a bit of a lottery to the point you pick the one you like the look of at the price you are prepared to pay. I have two of the yellow Joe Blow Sport pumps, both several years old. One lives in the workshop with it's seasonal temp and humidity ups and downs and the other lives indoors for convenience (two pumps as I had bikes in two different locations at one time). Both have been fine, no moisture in gauges or false readings or broken parts or temperamental in use. Bu88ared if I would know how to choose a new pump from the many out there.

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by Bogan

AJS914 wrote:
Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:18 pm
I'd be inclined to get another Silca pump when this one finally dies. I've had this since around 1982.

I have this exact same pump. Mine is probably about the same vintage. Mind you mine doesn't look like it has been used as a hammer or a device to keep the kids in line :D . I still use the Silca. I also have a Giant Control Tower 1 pump. Excellent pump. Bought it so the kids can use it without having to change the head for Schrader valves. For $60 aussie, not bad at all.
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by AJS914

See the $10 Bell pump I bought for the exact same reason. It works quite well. The Silca is now my indoor pump and the Bell is our garage pump.

I honestly haven't abused that pump. :-) It just looks that way in a close up photo. That is just normal wear and tear of 37 years of use and traveling to hundreds of races and events over the years. The blue tape is to keep the stupid white piece of plastic on top from popping out and hitting my knuckles. I think the plastic has shrunk over the years because about 20 years ago it didn't pop out. The hose and clamps are auto parts store replacements.

The absolute best upgrade for these old Silca pumps is the new 242 red presta head washer/gasket!


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by bilwit

I've used the Lezyne Steel pump for a while but the screw-on attachment just didn't work very well. Picked up a Bontrager Super Charger and couldn't be more pleased. The thing is a tank and the attachment is stupid easy.

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by coresare

I have the Silca Superpista ultimate and it is pretty nice. Definitely built well and as other's say their customer service is really good and responsive. Is it worth the crazy price? Hard to say. Their presta chuck head really works well with non threaded valves. Simply push on, pump, then pull off. Easy on, secure, and easy off. The best.


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by reknop

SKS Rennkompressor is my preferred floor pump for many many years. And spare parts are available for this classic but rock solid model.

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by ghisallo2003

SKS + Hirame

Also have old Silca that travels in back of car. Still faultless after > 30 years.

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by MrMagura

Watch out for Silca, it is no longer the company people have bought good pumps from in the past.
I just bought a Superpista Ultimat Hiro, and it was a complete piece of junk, with a docking system that didn't work due to design flaws, sharp edges lacking finish, a hose that was stupid stiff for no reason, and had zero torsional flexibility, to the point where it was ridiculous.
Their marketing BS about throughout long term testing, and 100% end quality control, has proven to be far from reality, as I'm far from the only person this happened to.
Customer service was a joke at best.

I ended up fixing a $450 track pump, straight out of the box, as customer service gave me the runaround about user error, till I gave up.

Like the above poster suggested:
SKS Rennkompressor has been well for a long time, throw in a Hirame chuck, and be done with for like $120

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