Pink Road Shoes...for men

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by wheelsONfire

I hate pink!

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by Nefarious86

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by Weenie

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by 3Pio

wheelsONfire wrote:I hate pink!
I cant say i hate pink, but somehow no.need for it and too hipster thing... ... -the-same/

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by Calnago

I took this pic at a cross event a few years ago. I don't know who it is, and thus probably shouldn't be posting it. If anyone recognizes themsleves or their friend and want this picture I'd be glad to give it to them, or destroy as they wish. Didn't bother tracking down the rider to know who it is. If you're gonna wear it, get it dirty...
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by thepainandsuffering

Bont Blitz comes in pink - Edit: (sorry, I see these were mentioned before) ... prod168097

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by Frisco

Luck has several shoes in pink

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by Karvalo

Special edition Lake's.


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