New S-Works Exos shoes

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by Js2

guyc wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:42 am
I'm on the new 901's and really like them - would also be interested to know though.
I also recently got a pair for RC 901 on sale, damn they are really comfortable. Comfort is a notch above my S works 7. It wraps softer around the sides and tops (if that make sense, like being wrapped by a comfortable foam) vs the S works which is just your feet is against pure material.

Also the toe area (bottom of the foot) angle on the last is flatter compared to the sworks which has a slight incline.

The pearlescent finish on the white ones are so damn sexy too :thumbup:

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by rlanger

My new Lake CX 301 are 195 grams in a size 43 and cost me about US$150. Incredibly comfortable and stiff shoes for less than half the price and only 30 grams or so heavier per shoe.

I'd still like to try out the Exos though. I think they look great.

by Weenie

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by MarkTwain

Exos not an amazing looking shoe but lets be honest, they are much better looking than the 301. How much that is worth...up to the individual.

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by kode54

Interesting...I went in the opposite direction by a half size. I used to wear 41.5, but recently tried a 41 in S-Works 7 and now, have switched to the smaller size including the Exos. Fit is the same (no surprise) but fit is so much better including the ankle area that most riders have issues with.
pdlpsher1 wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:57 pm
There's no hard heel cup on the Exos. But there's also not much padding around the heel. Due to lack of heavy padding it's important to get the fit right on the Exos. Normally a heavily padded shoe will feel comfortable even if the fit is not exactly perfect as the padding conforms to the shape of your foot. On the Exos a small mis-fit will cause discomfort on the road. Initially I got the Exos in a size 40.5. At the shop they felt fine but on the road the top of the heel cup was irritating the achilles tendon. This is because the 40.5 was too short in length. So I bought two additional pairs in sizes 41 and 41.5. At home I tried both on and decided that the 41.5 is a safer bet. I returned the 40.5 and 41. The 41.5 has the perfect length for me and I ride with comfort with no hot spots. For reference I measured the distance between my large toe to the tip of the shoe and that distance is 12mm. In summary if you are in between sizes on the Exos it's safer to go with the larger size. For another reference I wear a 41 in a Sidi.
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by pdlpsher1

It could be that your old shoes are half a size too big and my old shoes are half a size too small. Now we both have found the correct size for comfort. This is also my first pair of S-Works shoes.

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by Sock3t

I miss the Exos. The S-works 7's are not as comfortable at all.

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by wyz

A ww question, does anyone know the weight difference between the footbed in Exos and foottbed in S-works 7. I wonder how much weight difference is from the footbed. Thanks!

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